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My oldest son Conner is always coming to me and saying ‘mom, check out my experiment’ That moment when I’m like oh, boy what could it be this time?

I turn around and he has created something or he has picked something and put it in water to see what would happen.

On one such occasion he brought me some dandelions and wanted to see if it would change the color of the water if sat in the water. He waited and watched for 20-30 minutes and the water really didn’t change color. I asked him some probing questions to see if he could figure out why it didn’t work. He then came up with the hypothesis that it was because the water wasn’t warm and he didn’t have enough dandelions so he wanted to try putting it on the stove and he went and picked more flowers. He tried it in the hot water and watched how the water started to boil and the water turned a bright yellow. He was so excited! I told him congratulations because he just made Dandelion tea. That really made him excited and he couldn’t wait to show it to Grandma who just loves to drink Dandelion tea.

So when this Groovy Lab in a Box came in the mail he was stoked! It came with everything he would need to create and do 3 science experiments and it came with a Lab notebook to write down everything he observed and learned along with several other pages to figure things out even a redesign page to help figure out if the experiment went wrong and why. The whole box including the case was used for the experiments. We got the Here Comes The Sun Box and it has been a lot of fun. We have been able to create a solar balloon, solar oven and even a conductivity tester.


Another neat thing about the Groovy Lab in a Box is that most everything is reusable. some experiments can be done more than once with just some added items.

Now one of the things that I thought was neat about these Groovy Labs in a box in not necessarily whats in them but who puts them together.

Since I grew up with a handicap brother and I have worked with handicapped individuals for over the last 11 years. I found this so neat and cool that they are put together by individuals that have special needs. They do such a great job!

The Groovy Lab in a Box is a monthly box subscription. These boxes are meant for 8+ years of age however depending on your child and where they are with critical thinking and understanding it can be used with kids that are younger.


If you would like to purchase a subscription you can choose anywhere from $23.95 a month for a 12 month subscription all the way up to a $26.95 for a one month subscription.

This box service really is a neat subscription service to do for your kids because it enables your child to think outside the box and it is so different from science class or school in general. the box service is great for homeschoolers for during the school year and beyond and also great for parents that want to give their child an edge in school.

getting groovy

If you would like a chance to win a one month subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box make sure to enter below. It is open to US residents only and 18+ years of age. The giveaway starts on July 29th at midnight and will go until August 7th at Midnight.


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