creative ways to use duct tape

Don’t we just love duct tape?  For those of you that need a laugh check out Monday’s post on crazy ways people have used duct tape
Otherwise read about all the creative ways you can use Duct Tape below.
There are some fun interesting ones that I will have to definitely try out.
I will keep adding new ways to use duct tape over the next several days :-)
Enjoy and have fun!

Basketball Hoop
Picture by Stuckonducttape
You Tube How to


Duct Tape Hammock
Picture by Instructables
You can watch a short how to video – Yes this is the best one out there on You Tube
YouTube Hammock


Make a road on the carpet for kids
Picture by Economical Mommy


Make a dress
By Master Duct Taper – You can watch the how to videos on You Tube
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Picture by ABC news


What are some creative ways you have used Duct Tape?

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